My goal as your family photographer is to create a memorable experience that leaves you with custom wall art or albums that you can pass down as family heirlooms.  

Every session includes a pre-shoot consultation where we will talk about your family’s personality, style, and what you hope to get from our time together.  

With that in mind, your session, and the photographs we take, can be tailored for exactly what you need right down to shooting to fit a specific size on your wall or figuring out what colors to wear that will compliment the room decor where the portrait  will be displayed.

As your family photographer, I’ll guide you through not only taking the photos but also selecting images that will look great in your home. 

Every family portrait session is unique. Get in touch with me and we can start talking about a custom planned and designed shoot that highlights the unique character and personality of your family. 

We will plan the shoot with an eye towards your goals, whether that is custom made wall artof the images from your session or a keepsake album made with archival paper and inks that you can pass on from generation to generation. 

After the session we will meet again and you’ll have the opportunity to review the photos on your own TV or my portable high resolution tablet. I’ll even be able to show you a virtual rendering of how the images you choose will look on your actual wall. The rendering will be done to scale on the spot to take all the guesswork out of your choice. This allows you to get the exact size that fits your space. No surprises!

Portrait Session

Sessions Include
  • Pre-shoot Planning Session
  • Hour On Location Photo Shoot
  • Professional Lighting & Styling
  • In Person Photo Viewing & Selection
  • Virtual Rendering of Wall Art On Your Own Wall
  • Detailed Retouching On Purchased Artwork
  • Custom Designed Packages For Your Needs
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Prints and wall art pieces are individually chosen depending on your needs so the cost varies depending on what you select. My clients usually invest between $700 and $2500 on their album, wall art or print collections with the average being about $1200.

How It Works

Step 1

One week before your session we’ll meet to pick the perfect products for your style and home decor and talk about the kind of images you want from the session.

Step 2

We’ll have your family portrait session at the location you chose. It will be a relaxed, fun experience that brings out everyone’s personality. 

Step 3

Two weeks later, we’ll meet up again and I’ll help you choose the perfect photos to display in your home. 

Step 4

4-6 weeks later, I’ll hand deliver your photos and install any wall art galleries you ordered. 

Now Take A Look At Some Images...

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