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Go Beyond The Same Old Senior Portraits

Your senior photos should be a reflection of who you are and where you’re headed in life

Don’t settle for generic photos to commemorate this tremendous step in your life.

You deserve a custom planned and designed senior portrait session.

Every session includes a pre-shoot consultation where we can custom tailor your portrait session. We’ll talk about your activities, accomplishments, and what makes you unique. Then I’ll help you incorporate that into your senior portrait session.

You’ll want to preserve those memories for many years, so I offer a variety of prints and wall art pieces as well as digital image packages.  

Prints and wall art pieces are individually chosen depending on your needs so the cost varies depending on what you select.

Your session can highlight your sports or activities or reflect your love of the beach or some other location in Central New Jersey or the Jersey Shore. Maybe you have your own unique creative vision that you want to see come to life…let’s make it happen!

Options include professional hair and make-up, themed styling, action sports shots, and much more. You’ll have professional quality lighting and expertise for the highest quality results.

Senior Portrait Sessions

Classic Senior Session

Together we can plan a customized senior portrait session that reflects your personality, skills, accomplishments, and goals. Preserve this chapter in your life with personalized wall art or an album. 

Athlete Session

No matter what you do, we’ll create exciting dynamic images that show your talents. Add in some digital effects and you have an epic and unique senior portrait.

Friends Session

Get your BFFs together for a joint portrait session. It will be a fun, relaxed day where you can be comfortable capture some memories with these friends that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Custom designed composites like this is just one way you can add unique personalized artwork to your home.

You can even make this into a poster for your dorm when you head off to college.

The Design Experience

As your photographer, I’ll guide you through not only taking the photos but also selecting images that will look great in your home. 

In addition to the highest quality print products, you will get to see exactly how the image will look on your wall BEFORE purchasing. 

You’ll see a virtual rendering TO SCALE of your favorite images on your wall. You end up with a collection that you know will look perfect on your wall. 

No Stress! No Surprises!

about me

Hi, I’m Pete LaGregor, owner and photographer here at LaGregor Photography.

My goal is to give you a unique and fun experience during your senior portrait and help guide you through the process of creating photos and choosing wall art to decorate your home.

You can see my work in many homes across New Jersey as well as national magazines.

Booking a session means that we will talk about what makes you unique and how we can highlight and feature that in your senior portrait. 

Frequently asked questions

That’s totally up to you! Most of my portrait sessions are in central NJ or at the Jersey Shore.

When we plan your session, we will talk about places that may have special meaning to you, places that represent who you are, and places that just look awesome in photos. 

Typically I like to shoot portrait sessions within the 2 hours before sunset or right after sunrise. Photographers call this “golden hour” because of the great quality of light at that time. In the middle of the day the light is generally unflattering. There are exceptions and I can make some adjustments to combat this if no other time is possible, but golden hour is always a better option.

It’s never too early to book your senior portrait session. Depending on what type of images you want and where you want to shoot them, we can plan your session any time of year. Some locations are better at certain time, like the beach in the summer or a park with changing leave in the fall. We can even plan multiple sessions throughout the year for different looks.