Jersey Shore Beach Photography

Who doesn’t love the Jersey Shore?

As a NJ family photographer…shooting portrait sessions at the beach are among my favorite.

Every summer I get the opportunity to shoot family and individual portraits at the amazing Jersey Shore beaches. 

My Jersey Shore Beach Photography Sessions

Jersey shore Photography portrait at point pleasant boardwalk
The pure joy of winning a prize at the boardwalk games.

I shoot a number of beach sessions every year and we always have a great time whether it’s on the sand, in the water, or even playing games on the boardwalk. 

So I wanted to write this post and let everyone know all about them. 

Beach sessions are by far my most popular and book up quickly. 

The best times to shoot at the beach are right before sunset or just at sunrise. Those are the times when light is just right to make everyone look their best. 

Since getting the whole family up before the sunrise is pretty much impossible, the sunset time slots are certainly the most sought after.

Any beach with a boardwalk is perfect for a family portrait. Even after the sun goes down, there are plenty of incredible photo opportunities. We can spend some time playing boardwalk games. We can hang out inside the arcade and get some cool action shots playing skeeball. We can even get on the rides and try some creative photos with all the boardwalk lights. 

The beach is also perfect for larger groups or big families. There is always enough room for everyone. 

What Makes Jersey Shore Photography Unique

There are a lot of things that make a beach portrait unique. The setting itself is almost always beautiful, but there are some difficulties. 

The weather conditions are usually more extreme near the ocean. If it’s windy at home, you an be there will be a lot of wind at the beach. With the wind comes sand and mist off the ocean which can really affect both you and the camera itself. There’s nothing worse than finishing a portrait session and then finding out your photographer’s lens was covered in mist spraying off the ocean!

Light is another important concern. The beach is very different from a photography studio. It’s important for your photographer to understand the light and know how to make it better. Natural light can look great but it is not dependable. I make sure to always have multiple flashes available (yes even out there on the sand) so that a dull sky doesn’t result in dull photos. 

If you want your family portrait at the beach, it is important to have a photographer that has experience with beach photography.

Just because the conditions are tough doesn’t mean you should settle for average photos.

Jersey shore photography displayed as wall art
Wall art from your beach photos is the perfect addition to any home.

I’ve done a lot of beach sessions. When done right, a family photo at the beach is something that you’ll want hanging in your home for years. 

Beach Photos Should Be Fun!

The key to great beach photos is to have fun. No one ever goes to the beach and doesn’t have fun! So when I bring clients to the beach for their photos, we have fun. Especially with kids, if everyone isn’t enjoying themselves, then the pictures will show it. But if they are having fun, then we are going to capture authentic emotion. 

The Jersey Shore beaches have always been special places to me growing up and it is the same for many families whether they are locals or come down here on summer vacation. So my goal is to give my clients a photography experience at the beach that leaves them with great memories as well as beautiful photos to hang on their walls. 

It’s also important to dress appropriately for the beach. Remember that the sand is all one color, so if your clothes are the same color, we might lose you in the photo! Don’t be afraid to add a little color to your wardrobe to stand out. Check out my What To Wear Guide for some more tips on that. 

Capture What Makes You and Your Family Unique

Authenticity is important to me. I want to capture a family’s real personality. If you want a couple more formal posed shots, no problem, we can do that too and make it look great. But we are going to have some fun too. I’ll get those candid moments in between shots too. Those always tend to be the favorites. 

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