My Portrait Session Process Step-by-Step

“How does this work?” is right up there with “what should we wear?” for the most popular questions I get asked.

Were you just about to ask that?

Don’t worry, it’s all here.

Here is what you can expect if you book a family portrait session with me. 

1. Book Your Date

First things first, let’s get that date booked for the shoot.  

Contact me via email, phone, or the contact form right here on my website.  

There’s no obligation to book a session at that point so feel free to contact me and ask questions about whatever you want to know from locations to pricing to print products that I offer. I try to put as much info as I can here on the website but there are always new questions that I haven’t thought of and I am happy to answer them. 

At this point if you decide to go forward and book a session, we can work out a date right there and then. I do most of my outdoor sessions within a few hours of sunset so that you can have the best possible lighting conditions. Because I want to make sure every client has the opportunity to get great conditions, I rarely book more than two portrait sessions in a day.

Not all sessions have to be outside at sunset though. I work with flash gear as well to ensure you get the best photos in any condition. If you had something else in mind, just ask.

Most clients typically book on weekends so those dates tend to go faster. 

After you choose a date, I’ll send you an email with the session fee and payment options. You can pay by credit card right from your smartphone or computer or you can mail a check. 

2. Pre-shoot Consult & Session Planning

I don’t know if a lot of photographers do this but I think it’s probably the most important step. 

Every client and every photo session is unique. When we have the pre-shoot consult, we will talk about your expectations, the type of images you want to create, and where you want to hang the photos in your home (as well as any other questions you might have).

I’ll also ask you for a photo of the wall or walls where you plan on hanging the photos. You’ll see below why this is an important step to make sure you get exactly what you need for your home.  

I want to make sure we create the kind of images you have in mind. We will talk about locations for your shoot. There’s no such thing as the best location, only the right location for you. 

At this point, we will also schedule a time after the shoot for me to show you the photos. More about that later…

3. Portrait Session

This is the fun part. 

At this point, we’ve figured out a great plan for the shoot so all you have to do is show up. 

My portrait sessions are always fun. We almost had everyone showing their mean faces in this one!

Most portrait sessions take a little over an hour. If you think you need more time, we can always work that out ahead of time.

We will meet at the location and take a few minutes to go over the plan and I’ll try to point out the spots that we are going to go to first. Depending on the location, we may stay in one smaller area or we may be covering a lot of ground, but you’ll know all that ahead of time.  

Keep in mind that young kids have short attention spans so I try to get all the shots that involve posing done first, after that it’s best to let the kids have some fun and get those candid photos that everyone loves. 

4. View Your Photos and Purchase Wall Art Pieces and Prints

The shoot is the fun part, but this is the exciting part. 

I’ll come to your house and either plug into your TV or use my laptop to let you view all the photos. 

We’ll start with a slide show of all the photos, so you can sit back, maybe grab a drink, and enjoy the photos. Most of my clients ask to see the slideshow twice!

After that, we will go through them one by one and you can pick your favorites. 

Then the exciting part. 

At this point, we will use some really cool design software and let you see exactly how your favorite photos will look on your wall. I can even show you exactly to scale what a specific size print will look like on your wall. This can be incredibly useful when you want to incorporate new wall art into existing pieces already on the wall or if you want to create a cluster or collage of various sizes to fill the wall space. 

Wall clusters are the most popular choice.

You’ll also have the opportunity to take a look at physical examples of canvas, metal, and acrylic prints. 

Once you have exactly what you want chosen, we can place the order right there and then to minimize any delays in getting your pictures on the wall.  

5. Enjoy Your Photos For Many Years

If I did everything right then this part will be easy!

I use a high quality professional photo lab to create all my prints. This ensures that you get the best quality available to pro photographers and created by highly skilled photo technicians. These prints are archive quality and will last long enough to pass down to future generations. 

I personally inspect every piece that my clients order to ensure there are no defects. 

After that I will deliver them to your home and even provide wall mounting for you if you need some help with that. My goal is to ensure that your photos look their best hanging on your wall and to do everything I can to make that happen. 

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