Lifestyle Photography | Capture A Day In The Life Of Your Family

Lifestyle photography is a kind of portrait photography where I’ll join your family for a fun activity and capture candid moments that your family shares together. 

I encourage all my clients to try a lifestyle photography session at least once. The results usually have them coming back for more. 

There are some real benefits to having a session like this, especially if you have family portraits done regularly.

NJ lifestyle shoot at the boardwalk
The pure joy of winning a prize at the boardwalk.

They are unique. Even when you change up the location every year, the photos tend to have a lot of similarities. You are still documenting your family’s growth over the years which I highly encourage, but they start to look a little same-y. A lifestyle shoot is always unique.

You’ll preserve real moments and emotions. Even for a more classic family portrait shoot, I encourage families to plan some activities. Especially with younger children, that really brings out authentic reactions, real emotions, and true personality. Even adults are usually pleasantly surprised at the authenticity of how they look in the photos compared to posed shots.

They are easy. I enjoy planning out a styled shoot, setting up professional lighting, creating a theme, and giving my clients something truly epic. But that take time and can get costly depending on what you have in mind. A lifestyle session is all about being real, doing something fun that your family would do anyway, and capturing the moments. You’ll have amazing photos without much planning needed.

Lifestyle Shoot Ideas In New Jersey

  • A day at the beach
  • A night at the boardwalk
  • Apple picking
  • Excitement at an amusement park
  • Sunday brunch at home
  • Family game night
  • Hiking at the park

Who Is A Lifestyle Shoot For?

Honestly, every family should try a lifestyle shoot at least once. But here are some examples of when it’s a really good fit. 

Families with younger kids. If you are always telling your kids to sit down, look at the camera or having to bribe them to sit still and cooperate, then a lifestyle session is perfect. Just let them be themselves and have fun and I’ll be there to capture the moment. 

Families that are active together. Does your family go hiking, play sports, go to the boardwalk, or even have game night at home? You may not realize it but those are the moment you are going to cherish years from now. Think about having a small album to look back and enjoy those ordinary moments that have become extraordinary memories. 

Families that get portraits done every year. Having great images every year to tell your family’s story is something you’ll never regret. Having some of those images be about a unique experience that you and your family had together is something you’ll never forget.

Do you think a lifestyle shoot may be a good fit?