Red Bank | Family Portrait Photography

Red Bank is a fun town that has a lot of great spots for family photos. It’s a bright, dynamic area that offers cool and interesting backgrounds for your photoshoot.

There are two things I like about shooting family portraits in Red Bank.

First, is the wide variety of types of shots we can get there. From traditional shots along the river to more fun and city-like shots as the sun goes down and the street lights light up…you’ll love the images of your family that we can capture here.

The second thing I love about shooting in Red Bank…so many good restaurants to head to after the shoot!

Navesink River

Red Bank along the Navesink has almost a New England kind of feel to it. 

You can start off right in the streets of Red Bank. With brick sidewalks in some areas and beautiful buildings, it is the perfect combination of city and seaside. 

Then you can head down to the marina. I would suggest shooting there during sunrise or sunset to capture some dramatic images and beautiful skies against the backdrop of the boats. 

A fun approach here is to try for a more candid type of shoot. Walking along the sidewalk together or letting the kids peer into various stores.

Before the sun sets and the light goes away, find a spot where you can take some photos riverside. 

Riverside Gardens Park 

The Riverside Gardens Park is a gorgeous spot for your photoshoot. It has great views of the Navesink River. The wide open space is great as the kids can run around. 

The park has viewfinders to look through and find boats and marine life. It is fun to have the kids look through them and see their reactions to what they see. 


Downtown is another great location for your photoshoot. The buildings and restaurants make a cool background for your photos. At night, the street lights come on and make your photos even more interesting with their glow. 

When the roads are closed the streets are fun to shoot in because of all the backgrounds that you can use. 

One of my favorite places in Reb Bank is Yestercades Arcade. Its an arcade that features games from the 70s and 80s all the way up to today.

Whether you want to go all out and dress in your best 80s gear or just capture a few nostalgia shots to mis in with a more traditional shoot, its a fun place for kids and adults alike.


In downtown and other parts of Red Bank you can find murals. Usually they are in a more secluded spot, like between two buildings.

They make dynamic backgrounds and are fun for kids to pose in front of. The vibrant background is great for dancers and athletes as well.